Maximizing Mental Wellness With Minimalist Skincare

Maximizing Mental Wellness With Minimalist Skincare

Imagine going on a cruise ship sailing to your dream destination, drink in one hand as you lounge by the pool— “ah, this is the life”. Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by serenity? A getaway trip to the Bahamas sounds like heaven on Earth but with the pandemic still around, we may need to get crafty and find peace of mind at home.

Staying at home has its perks but when we’re consuming social media clockwork, it’s inevitable for pressure to settle in and get the best of us. FOMO (a dictionary-recognized online slang for the Fear of Missing Out) is social anxiety associated with the fear of exclusion from online or real-life current events. The urge to keep up with the pulse of social media can disrupt our mental wellbeing by comparing our life to the highlight reels onscreen. Endlessly scrolling and obsessing over social media trends can distract us from focusing on ourselves and deplete our mental and emotional health.

Thanks to the art of self-care, there is a range of activities we can engage in to declutter our minds and improve mental wellness— exercising, meditating, journaling, and even changing one’s diet. Something as laidback as watching your favorite movie or running a warm bath can also set you in a lighthearted mood. Another self-care activity you can easily fit into your daily schedule is skincare. We may already be familiar with the basic steps of a skincare routine: cleansing, toning, hydrating, spot treating, and moisturizing— all of which lead to the physical benefits of having minimized pores, refined texture, and luminous complexion. But what about the benefits of its mental counterpart? 

If you want to start small on your self-care journey with minimal energy— keeping a skincare routine comes in handy for your mental health and here’s why: 

  • Promotes confidence and self-esteem
  • Shying away from opportunities because you don’t feel good about your skin is a common occurrence. Lack of self-esteem inhibits us from stepping out of our comfort zone and being able to reach our full potentials. When we don’t feel our best, we become conscious of ourselves and how others perceive us. A skincare routine reverts that mindset by addressing any discomfort and allowing us to feel confident in our skin.

  • Regain a sense of control
  • In a time where we’re clinging on to stability, unexpected events can loosen our grip and cause us to spiral into a state of helplessness. When we’re overcome with uncertainty, it’s easy to feel distressed as it disheartens us from asserting our authority. Having a skincare routine results in a structure we can rely on while empowering us to take control of our comfort and stability through self-conducted habits.

  • Encourages mindfulness
  • Pausing from the exhausting demands of the world and intentionally spending time with yourself through a skincare routine helps keep you grounded. It restarts your mental state and realigns your perspective to what’s happening right here and now. Skincare also stimulates your senses and allows you to pay attention to the distinct consistency, scent, and use of each product. Mindfulness shifts your focus from the outside to the inside. 

  • Provides an outlet from stress
  • Skincare is one of those activities you’ll find fulfillment in doing anytime, anywhere. Pampering yourself serves as a priceless getaway where you can put yourself first and savor every minute of it carefree. It gives you time to sit back, reflect, and be grateful for your presence in the present.

  • Inspires kindness towards self
  • When we are consistent in taking care of ourselves, it becomes a habit we’re most likely to apply and set as a standard in other aspects of life. Doing your skincare every day also gives a sense of accomplishment that you’re capable of achieving something in a short period. But more than that, it reminds us to treat ourselves gently as emotional beings whose flaws are a part of what makes us extraordinarily human.  

    Skincare is proof that you don’t have to exert unnecessary strength to fill your mental and emotional cup. The path to mental wellbeing may be a long and winding one but with the help of skincare— you get to enjoy the process. 


    Written by: Andrea Joyce Santos