Influencers are Immersing in This New Wave of Skincare and Here’s Why

Influencers are Immersing in This New Wave of Skincare and Here’s Why

In the hectic world of a content creator, looking good in front of the camera has been the age-old standard. When you’re constantly on the go, ending your day to a relaxing skincare routine is a breather and gives a sense of balance to a fast-paced life. For these influencers, achieving #skingoals is made easy— thanks to this new skincare line! 


Photo source: kaori_oinuma

“For me, skin care is self-care. That’s why I chose Lemeur Facial Cleanser for my daily skin routine which is packed with antioxidants and an anti-aging extract that brightens, hydrates, and firms the skin,” Kaori Oinuma gushes. All-natural with anti-aging components, the Lemeur Gentle Cleanser is easily Kaori’s daily go-to! Dermatologically recommended for sensitive skin types, the milky texture of this cleanser glides seamlessly and cleanses the face without that tight, squeaky feeling. This cleanser works wonders in being gentle enough to retain your skin’s natural pH balance yet tough enough to remove stubborn makeup. No more dryness after stepping out of the shower!


Photo source: chinchinobcena

If you can’t stand stinging toners like Chinchin Obcena, Lemeur’s Clarifying Toner is your best bud! “Smiling for the weekend because I finally found a gentle clarifying toner! Toners in the market almost have strong ingredients but’s hydrating toner is made from natural ingredients, primarily the Eugenia caryophyllus bud extract—no artificial elements!” exclaims Chinchin. It reduces sagginess, fine lines, and wrinkles while restoring the skin’s youthful glow. If pores have been a major concern to you for the longest time, fret not because this toner minimizes the appearance of pores and removes excess oil. Truly a bottle to behold, Lemeur’s Clarifying Toner also stimulates new skin cell growth and promotes the production of collagen for ever radiant skin.


Photo source: rayanaeissa

“Feeling refreshed with’s face serum. When you’re about to sleep, you have to allow your skin to heal with the right product,” shares Rayana Eissa. A golden skincare tip to live by is while your morning routine serves to protect, your nighttime routine should nourish, and what could be more nourishing than Lemeur’s Face Serum? Rich in hyaluronic acid, this serum penetrates and targets deep layers of the skin to plumpen, smoothen, and hydrate. Lemeur’s Face Serum is ideal for all skin types and consists of ceramides that strengthen the skin’s barrier by preventing environmental damage and locking in moisture. This serum offers heavy-duty nourishing with lightweight feels. 


Photo source: leandreabatingan

For influencers like Leandrea Batingan, close-up photos and videos play a huge role in the creation and execution of content. Leandrea recalls her struggle with maskne and how she overcame it, “until a lifesaver came, named that has the love and dedication to create the newest Acne Treatment Gel for anyone struggling with their pimples and blemishes, like me. I use this every night, and day by day every time I wake up my pimples are slowly drying.” Lemeur’s Acne Treatment Gel came to Leandrea’s rescue as a powerful treatment for acne, marks, and hyperpigmentation. This treatment gel provides gentle exfoliation for an even, refined skin texture as it unclogs pores to brighten tone. Formulated with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, Lemeur’s Acne Treatment Gel effectively combats blemishes while promoting skin healing.


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“See that glow? Lemeur Face Cream stimulates cell growth for more youthful and firmer skin!“ says Sky Quizon. Does your skin feel as dry as the Sahara desert no matter how many glasses of water a day you drink? The Lemeur Face Cream is formulated to smoothen wrinkles, soothe, and firm the skin to restore youthful radiance. Prepped with skin-conditioning agents, this cream eliminates dry skin and accelerates the healing of damaged skin. The best bit is that it’s fast-absorbing and ensures a protective barrier! 

Since its release, Lemeur has seen steady growth in its budding community of skincare fans and has been sweeping social media off its feet by garnering the attention of some of the most iconic beauty influencers. Freshly launched in February this year, their skincare line contains five essential products: Lemeur Gentle Cleanser, Lemeur Clarifying Toner, Lemeur Face Serum, Lemeur Face Cream, and Lemeur Acne Treatment Gel

With its signature sleek, porcelain packaging taking over your favorite influencers’ feeds— Lemeur’s powerhouse ingredient list is just as stellar as its aesthetic appeal. Two notable ingredients are AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). A favorite amongst skincare junkies, AHA and BHA are chemical exfoliators potent in sloughing off dead skin cells yet gentle enough to be used daily. Two of the other key ingredients are Glutathione and Vitamin C, globally used for their lightening and anti-aging properties. And if that isn’t enough cherry on top, the frontrunners in Lemeur’s ingredient list boast of seven natural plant extracts!


Lemeur is Philippine’s first-of-its-kind French-formulated skincare brand pioneered by science and naturally sourced ingredients. Spearheading this innovation is the brilliant mind of a 26-year-old entrepreneur, Mae Ng. She shared that her frequent travels to France are what sparked a lightbulb moment to form her very own skincare brand. Mae lauded the French for their meticulous artistry in the field of skincare and this is what empowered her to establish Lemeur in pursuit of groundbreaking skin solutions. Lemeur’s commitment is to deliver transformative results through its advocacy of preserving the integrity of nature with breakthrough science and world-class ingredients. Mae believes in the significance of self-love and has instilled in Lemeur a philosophy of redefining beauty through modern, minimalist self-care.


Mae Ng

In today’s society of frantically rushing about, meeting deadlines, and prioritizing everything but yourself— Lemeur takes self-care to a whole new level. A level of inner confidence and natural beauty amplified. Lemeur grants a skincare encounter like no other. This new wave of French beauty has just begun yet skincare enthusiasts and influencers alike are already raving all about it. After all, what’s there not to love about a skincare brand that saves you time as much as it saves your skin. 

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Written by: Andrea Joyce Santos