Going Green with the Beauty of Repurposing

Going Green with the Beauty of Repurposing

“Going green!”— a caption we’ve heard for the nth time and one that’s traditionally posted every April 22. But besides the snowball of captions and trending hashtags, what exactly does it mean? And why are people more eager than ever to go green during that day? Well, you might as well join the team and cheer for green because April 22 happens to be Earth Day.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated globally to uphold environmental protection. But more than an event, it’s a movement declaring unity to raise awareness and proactivity for ecological health. And just like any celebration, a wide range of activities are involved in Earth Day— planting, taking a walk instead of commuting, thrift-shopping, and cleaning up in your neighborhood all make a world of difference. Not only are you doing your part to save the Earth but these actions can inspire the people around you to take the same initiative.

Ironically, there’s an ugly truth to the beauty industry and it’s about time we address it. Exciting as it may be to purchase a new skincare product and unbox it, there’s a harsh reality we need to face. As consumers, a large chunk of our purchasing behavior is attributed to how a product looks, its packaging, and if we’re being completely transparent— how it would look good on Instagram. While it may be good news for our social media feed and online aesthetics, it’s bad news for our environment. 

The cosmetics industry has had a long-term relationship with plastic and it’s been reported that more than 120 billion units of packaging are produced globally each year. In terms of worldwide plastic production, the packaging is considered to be the leading culprit of plastic pollution. And with single-use products and excess packaging at the front and center of skincare behemoths, the beauty business’ contribution to plastic waste factors insignificantly. In the Philippines alone, 2.7 million tons of plastic waste are generated every year, with an estimated 20% ending up on the ocean floor.

The majority of skincare products are overpackaged and housed in plastic material, only to be tossed right after unwrapping it. When all this plastic packagings accumulate, it becomes a burden in landfills and contributes to the waste crisis that impacts the sea and wildlife. The pressing question is: how does one enjoy their skincare routine while keeping the Earth in mind? If you’re rethinking your purchasing habits to opt for plastic-free alternatives, you might as well go the extra mile and switch to a cruelty-free brand altogether. 

As an all-natural and vegan skincare line, Lemeur’s sustainable approach is developing ethically sourced products in eco-friendly packaging. To help reduce plastic pollution, Lemeur’s skincare innovations are encased in porcelain packaging. As delicate and dainty as they may look on the outside, they’re actually tough on the inside. More than an eco-conscious effort, porcelain is more durable and less subjected to wear and tear than plastic. They’re also water-resistant and protect the content from spoiling quickly. When it comes to maintenance, they’re relatively easier to clean even with pressure applied as their tough exterior protects them from any marks or dents. Porcelain also tends to stay in tiptop shape even after a considerable amount of use. While these elements make porcelain an unquestionable choice to go green, the best part is that their luxurious appeal and long life cycle make them perfect for repurposing.

One way that you can repurpose Lemeur bottles is by revamping them into a flower vase. Simply start by ensuring that you’ve used up all the product before emptying it. Once you’ve emptied it, you can begin washing the inside while thoroughly focusing on the bottom to remove any residue left. Next, lay it to dry, and once dried, you can now begin filling it with water. To finish off this eco-friendly project, insert your flowers one by one and gently arrange them to your preference. And voila! You’ve got yourself an elegant vase that didn’t cost your purse nor the environment.




When we think of going green, we often think of grand gestures to save the environment. But the beauty of it is that it only takes one simple step to start a ripple effect of positive change— coming together and leading by example. In the wise words of Mother Teresa, “we cannot all do great things but we can do small things with great love.” 


Written by: Andrea Joyce Santos